Alpha Mission: Field Evaluation

In this information and communication generation, the Internet has become a field of specific interest and concern. As mentioned by Bill Gates in his essay on shaping the Internet Age, the Internet may very well be humanity’s best invention.

The Internet has made information sharing a common thing. Communication lines that were not available before have now opened. These open lines of communication have allowed people from opposite sides of the globe to communicate with each other as though they were sitting right next to each other.

From here on I think about the Internet and how it has so far impacted my life and this generation. I think about how my aunt first met her life partner on an online social networking site. I think about the other three blogs I’ve managed in the past. My friends watch full HD movies online. Children now no longer have any idea what an encyclopedia is thanks to Wikipedia.

And from here Bill Gates goes on to talk about how the Internet is still in its infancy. Given such an argument, one can only think of the many more possibilities that will come with the development of the Internet, its “expansion”, and its influence in this generation. And then there’s also the dangers that come with all those. Privacy, online spread of computer viruses, and Piracy are only some of the many other issues that come to mind when I think about what comes with the Internet’s reaching of its full potential.

I believe that given such an evaluation this “field”, it only makes sense for those of us who will be immersed in it to make sure that we are learned, updated, and well educated about the Internet. Further, it gives us the responsibility to know well the strengths and weaknesses of the Internet. For taking in such a responsibility is only inevitable once we acknowledge our role and part in shaping the Internet Age.

  1. Looks like there’s another operative in the field.

    Hush though. We might blow our cover. Nonetheless, I know we can mutually keep our secrets. So let me introduce myself.

    I am from MI6, “Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” I am now working under the guise of a BA Organizational Communication student named Earl Gamboa.

    Yes, years of experience in the field has taught me that you can afford to lose everything, even your gun, but never communication with your comrades-at-arms and your charm.

    New technology today indeed opened up more channels of communications, in increasingly varied ways. When starting a mission, I am always amazed on all the hi-tech contraptions and gadgets the R&D department of M.I.6 headquarters gives me. Reliance to the gadget in completing a mission may not be too bad. Just remember the most important thing. If you are going to use it, be sure you know how to use it well. Because charm may not be enough to get your ass out alive when things go boom.

    Looks like we’ve got someone to cover each others’ arse now. ;)

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