Mission: Social Media Release

This mission was a pretty tough one but well worth it.

I signed up for a free account on www.pitchengine.com It’s a website where you can make your own social media release. This is where I created mine. The only problem is that with a free account, the release will expire in 30 days. Nonetheless, since I made the release on pitchengine.com, you’ll be able to freely use the media release, share it on Facebook, reTweet it, watch the slideshows and the video, or even leave your own comment there! :)

Anyway, here’s the link to the social media release:

Perthman Records: Perthman Records Looks Forward To A Great Last Quarter of 2010

To my friend, Perth Salva, thank you for your time. Your studio is amazing. :) I hope this social media release will do your business even more good. :)

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