The Communication Experiment of the Future

Hello Prometeus!

The video is entitled The Future of Communication. It’s a video I found a couple of years ago, back when I had just gotten started with my OrCom majors. At the time, I had just regarded this video as some freakish depiction of the future of communication. But now with all this study of the new social media, some of the things in this video actually “interest” me. And while I suppose this is one extreme depiction of what the world could be like in a few years given the new technology available to us today, I also think that there are some things in the video that may very well come true in the years to come. What do you think?

(And if by next year “plastic paper” is created, I’d seriously freak out.)

  1. quite freakish indeed; yet some of them can actually come true, as you said. i don’t think there would be people who would trade a world where they can touch and see others and talk to them FtF just for virtual realities–no matter how cool and convenient these are.

    with memory selling, i think life will eventually lose its meaning when all that you long for, all that you treasure and keep exclusively for yourself or with a special group of loved ones can easily be obtained by others who have the money (so it’s the emo me again. haha. ;)) besides, learning is supposed to be a form of discovery, not just something you insert into a gadget, right?

  2. WHOA!That video is kinda scary because the privacy of a person’s life is compromised with that virtual life, memory selling etc. I do not really know if people would or can easily adapt to MAJOR MAJOR technological advancements (if all the stuff in that video would really happen) but for me I think I am not ready to plastic paper, Agav, replication of reality and Prometeus. Also, I find it hard to believe that these could exist in the future. Take it easy experts. They might want to temper down their excitement for cool (freaky) developments.

    • Grace
    • October 1st, 2010

    Okay, this is scary, yo!
    I’d have to admit that some of these are cool, but the idea of having a second (virtual) life is something that scares me. My online activity right now is something that just documents my real life, in a way, or something I do to amuse/express myself. I would never consider it as a replacement for the real world. Also, selling memories is something that I would never do even if it becomes a possibility.
    Plastic paper seems kina cool though. I hope they come in pink. LOL :)

  3. What a fun watch, to be honest.
    It’s so amazing how science fiction is becoming reality as technology progresses. But I do agree, communication in the future wouldn’t just be sharing words, thoughts, or ideas; it would be sharing experiences. A primitive form of this experience-based communication are MMO games. People and their avatars interact, play games with each other, and do a lot of talking online. In a way this is experience sharing, but I think evolved forms of these would surely appear in the near future.

  4. Freaky video. The creation of the film appears that it had gone through in-depth research and study. I mean all those assumptions such as Google buying Microsoft might have pertinent data to ground it after all.

    But I am never for plastic papers. Haha. Oh please. And it should never come to point that the internet would define our entire reality and even utterly alter it. It sounded very dangerous to me. And I am saying that as wake-up call to future generations who would assume responsibility over the internet hereafter.

    The video was carefully thought of yet there are still premises involved that are just contestable.

    PS: The voice is really scary. I’m not sure if voice acting (if it was such) was intended but it only made the future of communication appear so daunting to begin with.

  5. Well, it seems that the trend now is that as technology advances, the walls of privacy become less dense.

    That aside, I am quite excited with what the future has to offer. True, some of the things in the video may be scary. But I’m all to excited with what we could do with the communication technology of tomorrow.

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