The New Advertising Experience

Remember when billboards used to look like this?

I never developed the habit of sleeping when I’m in a moving vehicle. And I think it’s probably because when I was younger, I could never get myself to sleep during long night drives–thanks to neon billboards that used to plague the streets of Manila.

You see, I was born at the time when the setting up of neon billboards along national highways was at its peak. I still remember the flashy billboards, the “animation” of a San Miguel Beer being poured into a glass and the “dead” letters that would make URATEX read like RATEX. Back then, one would think of EDSA as the Philippine version of the Vegas Strip.

But today, advertising in general is taking a new face. After huge neon billboards came in tarpaulins which paved the way for more creative copywriting. But it doesn’t end there; what’s really changing the world of advertising today is the Internet. In the past, traditional media used to dominate the advertising field. Today, online advertising is getting a better grip on the market–and for good reason.

First, online advertising is targeted. Online communities make it possible for advertising firms and companies to find their target audience, know what the people in these communities want, and how they want to get what they want! Whether the advertisement comes in the form of a flash game, a witty text, or sent through e-mail, online advertising paired with good practice promises better results for practitioners and a better experience for the consumer.

Second, online advertising is creative. Gone are the days of the neon billboard that only showed the brand name. Today, audiences watch videos, play games, and even interact with each other! On top of that, they can be redirected straight to the company website to know more about the company, the product and/or the service they offer. One of my favorite online ads is this one from Tipp-Ex:

(Seriously, wouldn’t you want future ads to be just like this? Go ahead get crazy with your keyboard on this ad. I suggest typing in “eats.” Haha.)

Lastly, online advertising can save you a LOT of money. You can advertise by writing a blog, by posting a video on YouTube, by creating a page on Facebook, or even by posting a good Tweet. Yes, online advertising can and will still cost you, but if you know how to make good use of what’s available online, truth is you don’t need to spend as much as you would on a 1-minute TVC to get the job done. :)

Today, I still can’t sleep when I’m in a moving vehicle. But now, neither can I sleep early when I’m at home. Truth is, most of the time it’s because I’m on the Internet. And some of that time I should spend on sleeping is honestly being spent on what online advertising would call “engaging the audience”–and boy am I heavily engaged! Hahaha.

For now, wait for my next blog post where I’ll be talking about a few good practices in online advertising. :)

  1. Advertising has definitely evolved over the years. I think the signs had an impact on the product sales, but they would need to be large and in a very busy place to get to their customers.

  2. So this is why you commented on my post about advergaming? :)
    I can see that you are very interested about online advertising.

    find their target audience, know what the people in these communities want, and how they want to get what they want!

    Our four years of OrCom training can be summarized in this statement. It’s always about knowing the target community. And this is the hardest part because people are dynamic and everything always changes.

    • Grace
    • October 2nd, 2010

    Yay for heavily engaged consumers! LOL
    I really love this online ad by Tipp-Ex. Interactive and really amusing. When I first saw this I thought it was so cool that I tried so many verbs.
    If online advertising is headed this way, I’m definitely looking forward to more YouTube ads in the future.

  3. You know me Eric, I’m “Mr. old-school”. So I still think that giant billboards still have their uses. However, with the dawn of online advertising, I can’t help but embrace this cheaper and more convenient “new school” style of advertising.

    • Haha, yes you are old-school. And I do agree that the billboards still do have use. All I’m saying is that given the option of online advertising, traditional advertisers will now have to be more strategic. :)

  1. September 25th, 2010

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