How I Met Your Mother (in World of Warcraft)

In one episode of How I Met Your Mother, Ted introduces a girl he had met online to the rest of his friends. Now this girl was no ordinary girl—this girl was hot. Of course, you’d think that Barney would back Ted up with this girl. But instead, he sees this as a warning signal, telling Ted that you never meet a hot girl looking for a date, online. Chances are, this girl is crazy. Haha.

Now as the episode progresses, you eventually find out that Ted met this girl while playing an online game. As for whether the girl is crazy or not, you can just go ahead and judge that for yourself. :)

I’ve personally never tried playing a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG) such as World of Warcraft (the game where Ted and the girl met) or Ragnarok Online. The closest thing I’ve ever played to something like it is online Counter-Strike and Boxhead Multiplayer—which are great and addicting games, by the way. Granted that, still we find that even the gaming industry is continuing to change given the presence of the Internet.

In the past, the most that Internet games have done is to post high scores of online players worldwide. Today, players don’t just see their scores online; players now talk to each other about their scores, discuss the game, share tips in real time, and so much more! Even gaming consoles such as the XBOX Live, Playstation 3, PSP, and the Nintendo Wii allow users to connect to the Internet, and in turn connect with other players.

We find now that even gaming has become a form of social activity that has transcended geographic and social boundaries. Below is a picture posted by Online MBA on April 2010 entitled, Online Gaming Statistics:

Click on the image to read the whole article

Given those statistics, today, just like Ted and the girl, it is no longer rare for players who meet online to eventually decide to meet each other in person.

The role of gaming companies now is to know how best to provide players with an experience that doesn’t just involve the playing of the game but to enrich this experience by exploring more ways in which players can share this experience with each other. On the other hand, the role of online gamers is to know how issues such as ethics and privacy now have greater impact on them. In short, gamers should now no longer just be good players skill-wise but good players ethics-wise as well.

There is no doubt that the gaming industry and community will continue to change as the Internet continues to play a significant role in the way players connect with each other. But for as long as we know how to make the best out of the situation in order to enrich the gaming experience as a social activity, connecting people together will continue to become something fun and entertaining.

  1. I like playing games online because I can play with other people from far-off places. It’s pretty difficult to find someone to play with offline, especially when you need to find someone with a computer and a LAN connection or someone with a DS with the same game as you are playing.I am now also not fond of playing fighting games in arcades because the scene has devolved into kabisote players who hide in other game machines so when you try to play a game like Marvel vs Capcom 2, they suddenly appear and beat the crap about you.
    The best advantage of playing online is that you can find many players playing the same game as you. I use the Garena client in order to play Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare online. The only main opponent is lag. Otherwise it’s all good.
    And you can trashtalk without fear of physical retaliation. :)

    • Grace
    • October 1st, 2010

    I think you’d be surprised at how many hot girls are online gamers. But I don’t know about the looking-for-a-date and crazy parts. :P
    I don’t really play MMORPGs but I do understand why it can be so addicting. From what I know, communities are built in these games and I imagine this makes the gaming experience twice as better.
    Maybe I’ll try playing some MMORPGs during the sem break. :)

  2. I admit, I’m addicted to online games. Although I don’t want to generalize, there are actually online games that are worth playing because of how they promote community involvement both online and offline.As online games evolve, expect more and more interactions between players. I think because of this we should learn to see online games as forms of social media. ^_^

  3. After I finished reading this post, the song ‘Chicksilog’ by Kamikazee started to play inside my head. Chicksilog~ Ako ay nahulog~ Ahen.

    I was once an MMORPG player (Ragnarok Online) and while my brother was the bigger gaming addict between the two of us, I’ve seen my share of…shall we say, uncivilized online conduct from players. I started playing RO during the final days of the beta testing and while I didn’t play continuously, I’ve been in the game long enough to note certain things. First and foremost: once an MMORPG becomes commercial and garners a large number of players, uncouth behavior rises. Back when I started, there were actually friendly players and real people behind the 2D sprites. There was camaraderie. Later on, the population seemed to mostly consist of PvP-addicted players and bot programs. I think most of the people interaction became limited to guilds. The chatbox became a tool for shouting “B>+10 Quad Crit Katana” rather than “Hello”.

  4. I remembered when I used to skip lunch just so I could play Ragnarok Online after school.

    I was, and always will be an avid gamer. Some people may never understand, but the game world, will always be to me, a place where I can play god. And being able to share the experience with other “gods” (and also picking on the “mortals”), is what I think make online gaming such a big hit.

  5. I remembered when I used to skip lunch just so I could play Ragnarok Online after school.

    I was, and always will be an avid gamer. Some people may never understand, but the game world, will always be to me, a place where I can play god. And being able to share the experience with other “gods” (and also picking on the “mortals”), is what I think makes online gaming such a big hit.

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  1. September 25th, 2010

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