Nearing the End

Before I reach my supposed minimum of 15 entries, allow me to say that I really did learn a lot from this class. It feels weird knowing that this semester is now about to end; so is this particular class in OC 152. For this reason, just before we reach the “last” blog entry, I’ll be sharing two of the most valued lessons I picked up from this class:

1. There is an OrCom way.

This year marks what should be my last year in The University. Because of which, I think it’s only safe to say that by now there should be a great sense of what it means to be an OrCom major. However, I must say that this particular class allowed me to really evaluate whether that was such is already true for me. A definite eye opener was during an evaluation of one of our early requirements when we were told “what you did can be done by high school students.” That statement really got me to think of what it means to do things the OrCom way—a way that puts a premium in communication.

I believe that is translated to putting importance in knowing who you’re communicating with, how best to do it, and knowing how best to achieve the end goal. And such a lesson will stick with me not just in the area of social media, but in everything else as well.

2. The world is changing fast; you have to keep up.

There is no doubt that the technology today will eventually be obsolete tomorrow. The same may very well be true for communication practitioners. That is why there’s great reason to start getting yourself ready for the future by familiarizing yourself with what’s going on now. And given the way the field of communication will continue to be influenced by the new social media, the Internet, and every other technology in between, it is not enough for individuals to be skillful. Individuals must also be relevant. That to me, means not just knowing how to speak or write well, but knowing how such is only as important as knowing the skills needed for the message to work online.

I’m proud to say that even though things are now about to end here, I can look forward to the start of other things. And as I look at the future ahead of me, and the field I hope to be a great part of in the few years to come, I find that these two lessons may very well be enough to get me there where I want to be.  :)

  1. One day we’ll all look back and think this was all a dream. Hehe just kidding.

    It really was one heck of a ride but we can’t deny that these blogs helped (forced) us to expand our horizons by grabbing onto all possible blog worthy ideas we can find and apply what we have learned in Orcom.

    Yes, there HAS to be an Orcom way; I wouldn’t even think of otherwise. Our blogs are proof of that.

    In this ever changing world; we really need to stay cool and keep ourselves together. We have learned something in our four years of Organizational communication and all we have to do is use it. Good job Agent.

    • gj
    • September 29th, 2010

    Two great lessons, among many others, very well said! :) This whole experience will not only help us to be constantly reminded of the OrCom way, of the changes we have seen, the changes that are happening, and what is to happen, and how we will, can and should manage the change.
    Job well done!

  2. Honestly, I could have imagined this semester without OC152. The OrCom way is what I believe keeps organizations at the top of their game, whether they know it or not.

    Change is something we all have to deal with. And I’m glad that taking this course has enabled us to deal with these constant changes with an OrCom mindset.

  3. I feared taking OrCom 152 for two reasons:

    1 It’s under sir Barry
    2 It is sir Barry. haha

    But seriously, I’ve learned a lot in this class. This class defines what toxic is and it’s as if Saturdays come a tad bit faster than any other day because of the deadlines and if it weren’ for these, I would not have a deeper realization of these two things you have pointed out. See you in the field, agent Eric! :)

    • discraft
    • October 3rd, 2010

    Guys, we’re not done yet. I hate cliches, but we’ve just begun. And that thinking, in my opinion, is part of THE OrCom way. I’m sure Sir Barry would agree that his evaluation of us for this class is not what he really wants to see, but how we practice OrCom in years to come. Yes, like you, I will always treasure the lessons and memories of pain-staking training from Barry, but I wouldn’t want to just keep them inside of the treasure chest.

  4. Indeed Eric, we OrCom practitioners have our own way of doing things. We have this certain approach to reporting, to writing papers, to conversing, etc. I guess, that’s just one of our advantages over other communicators.

    Keeping up with changes in the world is definitely a requirement for everyone who wants to always be “in.” This isn’t for our own benefit, it’s also for others as well.

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