The Buhay Makulay Children’s Project

Allow me to plug in a few details about an organization that’s really close to my heart–the Buhay Makulay Children’s Project. The Buhay Makulay Children’s Project is an NGO with the mission “to engage in, design and/or execute activities, programs and events that bring hope to Filipino youth and children at risk; and in doing so nurture, enhance, and improve their emotional stability, self-development and potential for a promising future.” (From

There are a number of reasons why this NGO is close to my heart. First, the NGO was founded by my best friend Tanya who 5 years ago decided that instead of having a debut for her 18th birthday, decided to have a small children’s fair for the children of San Lazaro Hospital. It was then when Buhay Makulay was born. Second, the children of Buhay Makulay hold a special place in my heart. There’s this amazing feeling you get from seeing how the children grow every year I am able to join them in one of our annual fairs. Third, being a member of the UP Manila Indayog Dance Varsity, I speak for the org as one of Buhay Makulay’s benefactors. In the last two years, we’ve been giving part of our earnings from our annual Sayaw Manila concert to projects of Buhay Makulay. On top of that, Indayog members also get to be volunteers in Buhay Makulay’s children fairs. Below is a video of some of the things we do in Buhay Makulay:

The final reason is a greater appreciation for how Buhay Makulay continues to explore the ways in which the Internet can be of great benefit to the organization. I posted a link above for the website. But one other thing about the Buhay Makulay Children’s Project is that they have a blog of their own, written by Tanya herself. I find this now of more importance after having a greater appreciation for how blogs can be incorporated by organizations in order to advance their own cause. Locally, the idea of corporate blogging is something that still needs to be explored. This much I at least took home from our previous meeting in my OC 152 class. Seeing as how an NGO can make use of the idea in order to make the advocacy even more personal to volunteers and to groups such as Indayog makes me think of the great potential behind corporate blogging.

And in the end, in an NGO such as Buhay Makulay, those who really benefit from the blog are the children. Because for the children who struggle to voice out their cause in public, even a small thing such as a corporate blog can increase their chances of being heard.

  1. the thing that i liked about this viral vid was the consistency it had with the organization. at no part was i confused on how the story went and what it was for. likewise, i like the fact that you gave the hypothetical child in need a name. this adds to the reality of the need of the organization. though some felt confused with the continuous change of paper with the same drawing behind it, it’s understandable since we all really wanted to follow the three minute rule. :)

  2. I remember the day I first danced for the kids. I was supposed to go to Palawan that day. As luck would’ve had it, everyone left without me. But the smiles on those kids’ faces was irreplaceable

  3. I believe it’s time that NGOs and NPOs (non-profit organizations) try exploring the use of the social media to benefit their organizations. We have seen how corporations maximize every existing web-based application to achieve a number of their goals. Who says NGOs and NPOs can’t do the same? Now, this is where we could make a significant contribution to these organizations. As people exposed and trained to handle these tools, I believe it is our responsibility to inspire and assist NGOs as they use the Internet to tap potential partners, look for donors and volunteers, and ultimately, advance their good causes and advocacies.

    PS: Did you receive the email of SOS Philippines regarding the invitation for partnership with Buhay Makulay?

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