The Classroom Like The Internet

Before I cap the night off with this entry, allow me to say what a joy it actually was to come up with all these entries. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be stopping here—or at least I’d like to convince myself that. But regardless of, I must say this exercise really allowed me to catch that fire again for blogging. As I had mentioned before, this isn’t something new to me. However, the learnings definitely were. And I must say that 15 posts after the first one, I’d say this was a worthwhile experience.

Looking back at the OC 152 experience, allow me to draw a picture of why this class is a picture of good online practices:

1. Sharing is encouraged.

In the class, we often started by talking about personal experiences. These experiences, when shared, allow the class to take an even bigger interest in the way the lesson relates to them. In the same way, when we are online and encourage sharing—whether of skills, information, or through collaboration—we foster a climate online that allows for great learning.

2. Good practice makes perfect

It isn’t enough to just practice and practice. It’s important to know what you did right, and what you did wrong in order for you to reinforce the good, and get rid of the wrong. I think that’s why it was so important to evaluate our works together as a class. Doing so allowed us to recognize certain blind spots and do what was needed about them.

Likewise, we must recognize the good and the bad practices online. When we are able to make the distinction between the two, it is easier for us to perfect the practice and be better at our craft.

3. Have an open mind.

Some of the things we learned in OC 152 were things I would not have heard about or might have put an interest on had I not taken the class. But opening myself up to ideas such as microblogging and podcasting now makes me think about why it is necessary for me now to open my own Twitter account. Haha. Again, with the inception of new technology, unless I allow myself to explore areas I on the onset would not have an interest in, I would never really appreciate the benefits of such technology. And as mentioned in my previous post, it is only but essential to be relevant now in the field of communication by familiarizing oneself with the digital world.

That’s it for HQ. For now, allow me to take a break from the writing. I’ll see you again soon agents. :)

  1. “Likewise, we must recognize the good and the bad practices online.”

    They say bad publicity is still publicity. I say “yes,” but they should know that what they will get from that publicity might not be the one they want/ need.

    “I think that’s why it was so important to evaluate our works together as a class.”

    Hello group think! Through evaluating each other, we see that we are vulnerable after all and if we feel that already, our classmates can give us positive criticisms to help us regain our lost self-confidence. Indeed, our activities in class tell us different things just like NSM do. :)

  2. Hi kuya Eric!

    152 has indeed become a great learning experience :)
    I believe all the comments and suggestions shared by our classmates and by Sir Barry are all for our own good. Those are actually proof that we have people who appreciate what we do and believe we can do better next time. The subject also taught us a lot about social media and organizations, two very important concepts we should always keep in mind :)

    152, I thank you for the NSM lessons. And for the life lessons as well.

  3. i agree agent. i’ve never been in any class as interactive and as dynamic as this semester’s 152. it’s nice to deviate from theories once in a while and put all that into application. it has been of great help to me personally as i am not so informed and trained in the field of new media myself. new knowledge is overwhelmingly fulfilling.

  4. Hello businesses, learn from our OC 152 class! Haha. Recognize that as much as we, in class, get hooked to lessons and actively participate when discussions are started with personal experiences, consumers also appreciate brands that take time to meet them at a touch point where conversations offer them only with relevant and interesting content.

    That as much as we learn and try new things in class, organizations must also consider taking their communication practices to new heights. Though we adhere to traditional media, the benefits served by the new social media are something we can’t afford to not experience. Again, Stephen Covey’s terms* are useful here. The same principles are our roots*; new tools and opportunities are our wings*.

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