Lil Demon is Crazy

(Wow, I never thought I’d get myself to write another entry since my would-be 15th blog post!)

I wouldn’t have had an interest in dancing if not for Indayog*. And I really do owe much of what I learned in the past few years from them. But allow me to also say that in as far as practicing some dancing and self-studying at home is concerned, I would have to thank YouTube as well. :) Just like my brother Joshua who has learned much over watching Youtube videos, my other brother James and I have a lot we owe to YouTube. Haha. For one, some of the things I used in my audition piece for Indayog about 4 years ago, I also got from YouTube. And I think a number of other people share the same stories as my brothers and myself. That’s why I believe that the way people learn and get interested in new things will continue to be influenced by the way sharing experiences is now made easier because of the Internet.

Anyway, I only really wanted to write another post to share yet another YouTube video. Now, I no longer breakdance that much but I’ve been watching breakdancing videos for years now and have learned from them myself; this one you just gotta see! The kid you’re going to see in the video below is a Filipino. He’s only 8 years old but has gained some following over the Internet since his parents posted videos of him breakdancing a number of years ago. Below is a recent video of him battling it out with another bboy for an exhibition match. You can go ahead and search his early videos on YouTube; just look for “Lil Demon”–what a name, right?! Haha. Anyway, enjoy!

*Recently, Indayog bagged the championship title for Lactacyd’s first ever dance competition Confidance. Wohoo! Anyway, you can catch Indayog on Studio 23, every Saturday, at 6:30 PM. :)
    • Fred Patuto
    • October 1st, 2010

    crazy it is. kids nowadays! they’re so talented. i guess there is just so many passion around these days that just keeps on getting their attention. well you gotta give it to the people who nurtured this kid, who believed and who build up this kid’s confidence. the future looks bright for the dance industry. :)

  1. We are all learning something from the internet. May it be youtube, blogs, etc. we are benefiting from the contents they have to provide us. But most of the internet user are just consumers. Absorbers of information and content. We must also think that these things were once contributed by internet users like use.

    I think that it is not fair to just take and take something from them. We must also give something, share anything that might someday also help others. It must be a two-way relationship to make the internet grow and continuously help to contribute to the users. We must not be selfish but rather have a give-and-take attitude!:)

  2. One of the benefits of having the internet is that you can learn anything from it. There are thousands of videos out there that you can watch and apply to the things that you do. I’m very thankful that our generation has youtube because there are a lot of things you can learn from the videos posted there. I learned to make sushi, make videos, and make blueberry cheesecake because of youtube. :)

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